Thank you so much for working and resolving all matters with my ex and me.


I am currently going through a very lengthy divorce (going on almost 3 years now). South Orange County Mediation has provided me the much needed support from the beginning. For me, this support has been invaluable. I have not only been able to lean on them emotionally (particularly important to me on the trial days) as one of them has attended every hearing with me; but the knowledge and experience they offer has helped me to understand the proceedings more clearly, and ask some important questions of my attorneys that I would not have considered. South Orange County Mediation really cares about their clients and is 100% invested in them. I would highly recommend them as a mediators or a divorce coach/advocates.


Mediation helped me more than I could ever hoped. Some topics are best left to be talked about with outside professionals who can offer the best advice for parties. I can't say how much this helped me and my partner out through some of the hardest points, and through subjects that weren't appropriate for friends or family. I highly recommend seeking their assistance as it helped tremendously.


JoAnna and Cristina, my thanks to both of you. We all tried hard to bring closure to our case. I truly appreciate the effort and care everyone put forth to get this done.


You guys never cease to amaze me!


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