Divorce Mediation

Orange County Divorce Mediation: A Bad Marriage Doesn’t Have To Mean A Bad Divorce

A Bad Marriage Doesn’t Have To Mean A Bad Divorce

divorce-mediation-01South Orange County Divorce Mediation: Litigated divorces can go on for years in the California Superior Courts costing tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mediation can settle conflicts in a more time and cost efficient manner since the parties/decision makers are present at each session. Communication is in real time, not delayed weeks, months, or even years, by the intercommunication cycle among clients, courts, and attorneys, all which inflate the all ready high cost of divorce,

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The advantages to South Orange County Mediation versus litigation in divorce is that it allows divorcing couples to reconcile their differences as they redefine their lives as divorced single people and create a new paradigm for their family. Mediated divorce offers closure and peace of mind. South Orange County Mediation demystifies divorce by implementing an organic process that allows the underlying issues and concerns of both parties to be addressed in a non-adversarial forum.

Mediation allows divorcing couples to maintain their privacy as well as design agreements tailored to their particular needs and circumstances, even creating unique parenting plans that work for today’s families.

The ending of a marriage does not have to be an ongoing battle among the divorcing spouses and their attorneys.

The dissolution of a marital partnership is not the end of that relationship, particularly when there are children involved. Mediation demands perspective taking and partnering to find workable solutions that are long lasting and beneficial to both parties.