• Benefits of Mediation

    Mediated agreements are as binding as a litigated decision or settlement agreement.

    Mediated settlements can be reached without litigation and trial.

    A court trial can go on for years costing tens of thousands of dollars. Mediated agreements can be completed in hours saving you money.

  • About South OC Mediation

    South Orange County Mediation has been helping families and couples resolve their conflicts and disputes in a positive, non-litigious process resulting in long lasting agreements and resolutions. We can help you navigate through some of life’s most stressful events…

  • Our Services

    We implement a dual mediator model proven highly successful in reaching fair and satisfying agreements for divorce mediation, child custody or parenting plans and financial elder abuse.

    We also offer divorce support through the divorce coach method as featured in the Huffington Post as a one-on-one or joint session service.

What People Are Saying…

Mediation helped me more than I could ever hoped. Some topics are best left to be talked about with outside professionals who can offer the best advice for parties. I can't say how much this helped me and my partner out through some of the hardest points, and through subjects that weren't appropriate for friends or family. I highly recommend seeking their assistance as it helped tremendously.